Videos Speak a Million Words

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Leverage your Website: Videos speak a Million Words

In this day and age of technology, almost every business has a website. In fact, a website has become the equivalent of a business card these days. The website as we all know is much more powerful than a business card. In fact, it is so much more powerful that very few businesses know how to fully harness its capabilities and functionalities.

In this blog, I want to highlight one of the many powerful tools to help get more out of your website. The tool I want to talk about here is Videos. We all have heard the old adage “Pictures speak a thousand words”. When it comes to websites, I like to replace this saying with “Videos speak a million words”.

Nobody has the patience to read a lot of text. Videos make it easy on the audience through audio/visual communication of the message - saving them time and effort to read long text and having to visualize content. It is quite easy to create video content and post it online. Any digital camcorder can be used to record video. The video files can then be posted on YouTube and linked to your website. In situations where YouTube is not an option for various reasons, custom video players can be built by the webmaster.

As an example, I would like to spotlight one of our many clients that has done an outstanding job in getting the most of their website. The business I am referring to is TransforMe Fitness Studio with two locations in Webster, TX and LaMarque, TX. You can visit their website at . We developed both YouTube videos and custom videos for their website. The YouTube videos were created to showcase their services and events to the public. The custom videos were developed to communicate information and instructions only to their members. The custom videos are available under the Member Pages but only accessible by use of password by members.

In both cases – YouTube and Custom Videos, we created a Videos Album page. This page had multiple videos listed with a caption and description. The best part is that we set it up where the client was able to add or delete videos by themselves without having to go to us every time a change had to be made.

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