Custom Software Development

A Case Study about Gold Buyer Application

Development Time:  10 Business days
Objective: To make the Sales Transaction and Sales Report online for 24x7.



We (ITS) developed a custom software (web application) using PHP, Ajax and MySQL, for the goodwill of a gold merchant. This web application maintains their Sales Transaction available on internet up to date. The owner can generate sales report for any period of time and they can take the print-out too. The key functionality behind this application is Sales Transaction and Sales Report. 



Sales Transaction:

This form is used for storing all the sales data entered by an employee who has logged in this application. The current gold rate will be automatically updated from Monex Spot Price web service application.



Sales Report:

This page is used to pull down the Sales report daily/weekly/monthly/annual or by giving from and to date period. The owner can select an employee and Store location along with the time interval from any one of the above mentioned time intervals.



Employee Management:

This section will have facility to list/add/edit/delete employees. This will also have features to retrieve password, reset password/email.

Employee login will be used for authenticating the users to access the above mentioned screens as per their access Type. The owners only have the ability to add employee and control them.




Our aim is to satisfy our clients to fulfill their requirements 100% with error free. We will give support /maintenance for their web applications with minimal annual charges.

Where there is a will, there is a way.                                                    ITS Inc makes your way……

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